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Frequently Asked Questions

A Curated List for You

What is your return policy?

Canty's Candies and Canteen is dedicated to ensure that having our vending machines is an accommodating experience.  In the event that there are issue concerning our products and/or services you can return our merchandise free of charge.

How often are the machines filled?

Canty's Candies and Candies has relationships with Nayax. Our data analytics are very specific through our Nayax software and we keep a keen eye on stock and inventory.  We still like to be onsite and typically fill machines on a weekly basis.

How long does it take to have a machine installed?

Once the initial consultation and onsite walk through is completed, Canty's Candies and Canteen aim to have all machines and products installed and in working condition 6 weeks from the contract signing.

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